About Farmville
Farmville is a bustling community located in central Virginia that possesses a dynamic quality. It serves as an economic hub for a seven county region as well as home to college students and professors alike. With just over 7,000 residents and considerably more who visit the area, Farmville’s economy is growing strong

Since 1798, Farmville has served as the center of trade, education, law, and finance for the surrounding seven counties, a position it still maintains today. Farmville has seen civil war and civil rights and has served as home to prominent government leaders such as Patrick Henry. That’s not all. It was and still is home to many successful businesses, industries, and cultural and educational organizations.

After 250 years, the Farmville area, including Prince Edward and Cumberland counties, continues to exemplify all that is best about the American way of life.


The Farmville area includes a thriving Main Street shopping area and several shopping centers. Stores are filled with treasures waiting to be discovered and purchased.


Shoppers from the entire East coast come into the area to find significant retail and wholesale furniture bargains. In addition to the large furniture market available with stores like Greenfront Furniture, shoppers find one of a kind antiques, elegant home décor, clothing, canoes, novelty gifts, books and more, from the wide variety of stores

Places to work:
Longwood University
Centra Health/Southside Community Hospital
ICA: Immigration Centers of America
Piedmont Regional Jail
GreenTop Furniture

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